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Eurovision – Stockholm, Sweden 2016

30 Apr


Hello fellow Zerovision fans. I am glad you still stopped by to read my thoughts on this year’s crop of talent when you know I hate everything. I haven’t even bothered to look at the odds or watch the videos. I’m just going off the MP3s so know next to nothing about the songs and will probably like all the ones that are 150-1.

2016 has been a wonderful year for music. Bowie, Prince, Keith Emerson, George Martin – all gone. Music is getting better already – shame their worthless deaths have meant the radio is wall-to-wall with their dreck.

The real tragedy was the loss of Terry Wogan. Let’s face it, he was the voice of Eurovision and more importantly, the voice of Stoppit & Tidyup which to this day had higher viewing figures than some silly foreign talent show. I think it’s safe to say he contributed more to music than a bunch of sequin-wearing nonces anyway.

So following the death of so many wrongly loved celebrities, let’s enjoy the death of music with this year’s Eurovision!

I’m in such a good mood and really excited to enjoy this year’s entries!


1 – FINLAND – Sandhja – Sing It Away

A haunting piano laid lush with sultry vocals. Just when you think it’s only an Adele B-side, we speed up into a pre-chorus that carries the ghost of past Eurovision glories before bursting into a joyous funk with bright brass and a stomping beat.


Verdict: JOYOUS
Final: Yes

2 – GREECE – Argo – Utopian Land

After an opening like the score for Kingdom of Heaven, we move fast into a verse that dismally betrays a lack of talent and vision – much like Ridley Scott’s film. Lyrics are too on the nose and feel cluttered over the melody, like Jamie Oliver reading a Shakespearean sonnet with his blubbery fat tongue spunking out salty spittle.

Verdict: Argos homo delivery
Final: No

3 – MOLDOVA – Lidia Isac – Falling Stars

Standard Zerovision here: Flatline verse and early 90s Vengaboys chorus. Contains a slightly obtrusive piano that throws off the vocal. Even in my good mood this feels cynical.

Verdict: Mol-NO-va
Final: No

4 – HUNGARY – Freddie – Pioneer

A gruff vocal, a reverb-stacked big beat, a weird whistle, dirty electronics. Stop me, I’m cumming blood. Really liked it a lot!

Verdict: Bloody crotch
Final: Yes

5 – CROATIA – Nina Kraljić – Lighthouse

I’m allergic to the name Nina so this song should not be allowed. I don’t find anything emotive here, in fact I feel it’s trying to bring me down in some way. I mean, I was kinda happy before but this song is just a perpetual running candle of despair. Oh help, that fucking key change pulls at the spiderwebs that hold my heart together in a blatant disregard for human safety. Awful in ways no sane person could accomplish.

Verdict: Stodgy stools
Final: Yes because everyone who watches this has no taste and I want to see it lose in the final

6 – NETHERLANDS – Douwe Bob – Slow Down

Let me try and breathe after that last one. Okay, calm again. This is fairly lovely. Straight out of Nashville – reminiscent of that one they entered two years ago that didn’t win. Holland knows all about never winning at anything because they have windmills.

Final: Yes

7 – ARMENIA – Iveta Mukuchyan – LoveWave

Sounds despairingly like Tina Turner singing in the shower while the record was on in another room. As she slit her wrists.

Verdict: Tina Turner is in my 2016 deadpool so it’s all good
Final: Yes

8 – SAN MARINO – Serhat – I Didn’t Know

Ooh, kinda sounds like Leonard Cohen sodomising himself with a microphone as the karaoke plays some Bee Gees disco into his anal Channel Tunnel. It starts to grow on you. So cheesy, so San Marino. Yes. This is all things.

Verdict: Great in every way Zerovision isn’t
Final: No

9 – RUSSIA – Sergey Lazarev – You Are The Only One

Ah, the gay crowd pleaser. Achingly poor, like a tribute act to Keith Harris and Orville. The synth keys at the start sound like a frantic spastic licking a plastic bowl filled with horsecock. The soulless voice that gibbers out Hallmark greeting card clutches of cliché attempts to lift us up into a state of euphoria, but it’s secretly whispering “I am going to kill everything you’ve ever loved” into your ear at night while shitting into your box of Coco Pops.

Verdict: Prepare the death camps.
Final: Yes because you lot are the fucking worst.

10 – CZECH REPUBLIC – Gabriela Gunčíková – I Stand

The boring ballad that only countries that matter can get away with.

On the other hand, I just googled her and she has eyes like cream-pied vaginas so we’re all good here.



Verdict: Around a teaspoon of effort on my part
Final: No, because you were too busy cleaning the poop out of your cereal to notice it.

11 – CYPRUS – Minus One – Alter Ego

Ha, this goes really well after that last one. Really liking it. Ridiculous solos, beats better than Dr Dre getting beat up by cops, enjoyable throughout, up-tempo and hilariously funky. Nice to see a eurorock song finally.

Verdict: Stompy as fuck.
Final: Yes & Win

12 – AUSTRIA – Zoë – Loin d’ici

Urgh. As empty as my balls after looking at pics of Gabriela Gunčíková

Verdict: No.
Final: No

13 – ESTONIA – Jüri Pootsmann – Play


That’s two turds in a row. It’s like cleaning up after my cats.

Verdict: A child’s kaleidoscope pointed up Gary Lineker’s dirty bumhole
Final: No

14 – AZERBAIJAN – Samra – Miracle

The arrangements this year are quite repetitive – a good chunk of them have a boring verse and then a catchy chorus. That being said, this one has a great chorus. I think a combination of aspirational lyrics and a really really strong sound light the whole song up. We’re in some serious territory here. I think this one has a great chance.

Verdict: Rather splendid
Final: Yes and Win

15 – MONTENEGRO – Highway – The Real Thing

Good opening, boring verse again, driving pre-chorus that leads to a slightly bewildering chorus. Possibly the worst chorus I’ve heard this year. Montenegro have a go at being Skrillex five years too late and it is shameful.

Verdict: Like someone turned the light off when you’re trying to poke your friend’s eyes out while they’re asleep
Final: There is more chance of my friend’s eyes working again

16 – ICELAND – Greta Salóme – Hear Them Calling

A lovely verse, a real energy to it, and FUCK ME THAT IS AWESOME. TRUMPETS MAKE ME CUM YOU GUYS. So much good. Much greatness. Yes. Cake orgasm.

Final: Yes & Win

17 – BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner & Jala – Ljubav je

Oh, there’s more. That’s the contest over right? Iceland blatantly win and that’s that, yeah?

No? Okay, well this is some callous-fingered slock with a random rap stuck in as it churns through as many ethnic stereotypes it can before vomiting itself to sleep. As insincere as Hillary Clinton at a blowjob convention.

Verdict: Snooze
Final: No

18 – MALTA – Ira Losco – Walk On Water

A wonderful mix of Fatboy Slim and 90s dance culture let this track really pop.

Verdict: Mal-teasers
Final: Yes


It’s 5.30am on a Saturday and I just woke up. I’ve decided my half-asleep state makes this the perfect time to listen to the songs in the second semi-final.

1 – LATVIA – Justs – Heartbeat

This sounds like I just put on my Spotify Discover playlist. I had to check that I didn’t do that. It’s probably the one that sounds most like a modern song. Vocals still a little Zerovisiony but the music is very nice.

I like this one a lot but the lyrics are so bad. As the arrangement is quite sparse it’s all held together by his vocals, so if his performance is bad on the night it’ll be all over.

Verdict: Feeling your arsebeat
Final: Yes

2 – POLAND – Michał Szpak – Color Of Your Life

The last one had bad lyrics, this one has bad everything. Sounds like a Savage Garden B-side 20 years too late. The slow hip hop beat drags the rhythm down and literally screams at me to turn it off. For a three-minute song it feels like it goes on forever.

Verdict: I love you Poland but I’ve chosen deafness.
Final: Yes

3 – SWITZERLAND – Rykka – The Last Of Our Kind

Does this open with “Soldier – take off your rubber?” That is quite filthy. I love it. Rykka’s vocal is very nice. I really like her tone too. Yeah, the downbeat nature of her verse vocal vs. the upbeat chorus works extraordinarily well. One of my favourites.

Verdict: Look at what we can produce with all this stolen Jew gold in our banks.
Final: Not in a million years.

4 – ISRAEL – Hovi Star – Made Of Stars


I am kinda hoping it doesn’t do anything but this. No build. Just him and piano. I think it would have a chance, as it would stand out against the others. One minute in and some strings have come in. This is gonna explode isn’t it? I can feel the build…

Oh well, it did break but not in a dumb dubstep way or anything. I think it works quite well. Definitely a contender due to its simple nature.

Verdict: Actually, you’re made of scars (on your penis)
Final: Oh yes.

5 – BELARUS – Ivan – Help You Fly

What is this? Why does it exist? I’m noticing a theme where the music is a little modern but the vocal is still karaoke on a foreign holiday.

That is the most ridiculous side-chain synth I’ve heard in Eurovision. It’s okay but the drums are too standard and don’t play enough fills to emphasise anything. Technically quite good but emotionally very flat like Metallica.

Verdict: JUST DULL
Final: No

6 – SERBIA – ZAA Sanja Vučić – Goodbye (Shelter)


Oh man, this one is godawful. It’s every Eurovision cliché being thrown into the mix and coming out like treacled arse cancer. On a scale of David Cameron to Jeremy Corbyn this one is Josef Fritzl.

Verdict: A pap smear of ineptitude
Final: No

7 – IRELAND – Nicky Byrne – Sunlight

A song for the Catholic church it appears. “Touch who you wanna, kiss who you gotta”.

Disgusting and wrong.

Verdict: The power of Christ compels you
Final: Yes

8 – MACEDONIA – Kaliopi – Dona

A companion piece to Serbia. Bad guitars, bad strings. A lament to the kebab shop that’s closed after you’ve been kicked out of a club, stumbled around drunk, then sucked off a random in a back alley.

Verdict: Dona kebab
Final: No

9 – LITHUANIA – Donny Montell – I’ve Been Waiting For This Night


Fucking seriously? Piano again? Other instruments do exist guys!

Ah, but then we get cool. I like the pounding drums and urgent drive this one has. Second verse is much better and the chorus is really quite awesome. Love the synth patch that comes in on the second run of the chorus.

Verdict: Me and him we’ve got the hunger, we’re getting older but we want ’em younger
Final: Yes

10 – AUSTRALIA – Dami Im – Sound Of Silence

How are these cunts in again? Sounds of silence? Is that about the aborigines?

Not a patch on the one they entered last year. We really could have done without another song that sounded like this.

Verdict: Verse of snooze, chorus of bruise, finale of lose
Final: Yes

11 – SLOVENIA – ManuElla – Blue And Red

A banjo and bottle neck guitar? I mean, it’s quite interesting. The drums are really unimaginative and a few fills would add that bit of sparkle to give this a bit more to it. I do like it though. I just don’t know why.

Verdict: Poo is poo, smeg is smeg
Final: Yes

12 – ROMANIA – Ovidiu Anton – Moment Of Silence

Ah, a lot bolder piano ballad here. A bit more Disney cartoon here. Man, it really does sound like it could have been taken from Frozen or something.

Vocals sound like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden though..

Verdict: Still better than Iron Maiden’s entire career
Final: Not even if it was still in the contest

13 – BULGARIA – Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime

If Love Was A Crime? What type of love are you talking about? Child love? Incest love? Hamster love? Hamsters are just too tough to love. You have to wrap them in gaffer tape otherwise they burst when you fuck them.

Verdict: A phony and pitiful waste of everyone’s time
Final: No

14 – DENMARK – Lighthouse X – Soldiers Of Love

Peak boyband! Weak production and vocoded vocals. Chorus is definitely missing something. Oh yes – an atomic bomb.

Verdict: Too much cynicism and not enough cyanide
Final: Yes

15 – UKRAINE – Jamala – 1944

This is pretty goddamn dark. The ominous title of 1944 suggests this song has an agenda. We get a slice of trip-hop that never goes anywhere but sounds very 90s and fits the song appropriately. Interested to see how this does. Gut feeling is that it doesn’t do well at all.

Verdict: 194-flaw
Final: No

16 – NORWAY – Agnete – Icebreaker

About hitting my limit with this. It’s now 7.39am and they all sound like the same song.

I appreciate the half-speed chorus on this one but the overproduced vocals on all these tracks is frustrating. On this song you can absolutely hear how they have plotted out the autotune on her vocal steps. I assume that means the live performance will be hideous as the country this song comes from.

Verdict: No-Way
Final: No

17 – GEORGIA – Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz – Midnight Gold

Ah, here we go. Something a bit different after a mountain of regurgitated Viagra. Where they go wrong is having a guitar-based chorus. This is absolutely doomed. Why no vocals on the chorus?

Oh, it gets a bit different in the final minute. Chirpy wirbly electronics and a pounding beat. This song sounds like it could be 5 mins long and they’ve cut it down to fit 3 mins.

Verdict: Rifftastic nulpoints
Final: Yes

18 – ALBANIA – Eneda Tarifa – Fairytale

Please no more. My penis is wilting like Trump Towers after a terrorist attack. A cosplay version of something you’ve heard before. There is more genuine emotion in a can of Strongbow than this. A fairytale to those who will die alone.

Verdict: Are you reading this on your smartphone while ignoring your significant other right now? You’re going to die alone.
Final: Yes

19 – BELGIUM – Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure

SQUELCH. Oh man, the funk bass on this is ridiculous. SQUELCH SQUELCH! Haha, yeah, this one is amazing. Chorus is a little bit less than I wanted but could well be a grower. This one is definitely going to be in the final.

Final: Yes


All the below go straight into the final because they subsidise global terrorism on behalf of the EU. My verdict for these is based on if I think they’ll make the Top 5 in the final.

FRANCE – Amir – J’ai cherché

This is a real turn up. It’s a Eurovision song from France that’s actually good. Also, chorus in English – isn’t that punishable by death in France? Or by ISIS, or whoever runs their country anyway. Very pleased with this one – no boring bits, keeps things going throughout, lovely vocals.

Verdict: Tres Bien Bon Pantalon
Top 5: Yes

GERMANY – Jamie-Lee – Ghost

Sorry, was just looking at an empty page on Google for 3 minutes.

Did a song happen?

Top 5: No

ITALY – Francesca Michielin – No Degree Of Separation

Here we are folks. The nul pointer for this year. I don’t mean that literally, but it certainly has no chance at all. Boring through and through, like Michael Owen discussing wood planing in a beige camper van. So slow and purposeless your mind is left to consider more exciting things. Like doing the ironing, cleaning the cat litter, or shitting yourself out of spite.

Verdict: BT SPORT
Top 5: No

SPAIN – Barei – Say Yay!

It needs a decent placement in the running order, this one. There are better songs in the contest that do the building into a big stompy chorus thing (hello Iceland), but if they all get kicked out in the semi-finals this could be there to take the glory.

Verdict: Brittle like a memory of a forgotten lover who drowned in a shark attack
Top 5: No

SWEDEN – Frans – If I Were Sorry

Um. Sweden are usually kings at this but this is just awful. Looks like they’re trying to throw the competition. It’s a gigantic mistake of a song, failing at a great wealth of things. I was really looking forward to this one and then to hear this is a real let-down.

Verdict: Disappointment is now my life
Top 5: No

UNITED KINGDOM – Joe and Jake – You’re Not Alone

Like the cataclysmic doom cry of a million orphaned children lactating into a vat of human faeces comes the UK entry. Yes, they may be Thunderbird haircuts on strings but the track sounds full and with its lush guitar sparkle, the arrangement stands this out as a contender.

Now let’s all celebrate that we declined thousands of refugee children access to the UK last week.

Verdict: More of a chance than Syria.
Top 5: Yes


A strange year. Hopefully the semi-finals get rid of all these boring building songs, or at least trim them down to give the competition a bit of variety. So, in closing then I would pick the following tracks:

My Faves




Worst songs that will probably win


Eurovision Vienna: 2015 – A run down of the finalistzzzz

22 May


Okay! So now the semi’s are over – and let’s face it we’ve all lost our semis after the flaccid wrecks of music that made it through – I thought I would post an update on my final thoughts before the final.

Here are my ignorant, childish and tongue-in-cheek comments about all this year’s rubbish. Please note: my verdicts are based on where I think the song will end up rather than where I want it to end up (Which would be on fire).

1. SLOVENIA – Maraaya – Here For You

Amy Winehouse basically. Blah blah blah, why is she wearing headphones? Her voice is annoying. She is annoying. That guy on the piano is annoying. Why are they miming playing a violin? Urgh.

Feels like they slowed it down and it’s just a beat or two off the pace it needs to be. Shame.

Verdict: Beats By Drivel

2. FRANCE – Lisa Angell – N’oubliez pas

Hi Lisa. I’ve just built a time machine. Let me take you back in time a few months. Actually, a few centuries. Yep. You can’t do any harm to our ears in the stone age. Goodbye.

Verdict: Bottom 10

3. ISRAEL – Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy

What? You tell your mum that someone broke your heart? And you want your mum to fucking speak to your ex about it? No wonder she dumped your coward ass. You’re the king of fun, eh? I’d hate to see what your idea of fun is? Probably driving tanks over Palestinian families while masturbating the rest of your cronies in the IDF, you deluded Zionist war criminal.

On a lighter note, the song is fine. Fun and bouncy and aimed at the gay crowd mostly. Bread and circuses, etc.

Verdict: Top 10

4. ESTONIA – Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Goodbye To Yesterday

Something quite Pulp Fiction mixed with a children’s programme here. Maybe a bit of Chris Isaak thrown in too. Missing the vital part though: the bit worth remembering about any of it. It’s just a theme song to some TV show that gets cancelled after half a season. Abstractly poor.

Verdict: Ignore what I just wrote. I love this one. Top 5.

5. UNITED KINGDOM – Electro Velvet – Still In Love With You


Look, it’s the worst thing we’ve entered in a while. It’s also the best worst thing we could have made. Hey, I’m from Scotland and voted for Independence to stop these English pigs sending shit like this over to disease your children but we have lots of sycophants here who voted against it.

Also, this is the Bird’s Eye potato waffles theme.

Verdict. I‘m still not in love with you. More boos than Russia. Last.

6. ARMENIA – Genealogy – Face The Shadow

First three piano notes made my penis shrink so far back inside my body it made it concave. Urgh, then a burly man’s vocals came in and poked it back out by shafting me up the arse. Three vocalists so far? All trying to outdo each other. Was the arrangement written by Explosions In the Sky? It’s like an attempt to make post-pop. Absolutely hideously awful and none of it goes together particularly well.

Just a terrible mess – like a rejected Disney song, maybe from an alternative cut of Cinderella where the Prince smashes the glass slipper over her head and thrusts himself into the wound to see if her skull-fracture fits his cock.You know, the way Jimmy Savile chose his girls with that cigar of his?

I have since learned that this song is about the genocide of Armenian people 100 years ago. Which is ironic as the song itself is also a war crime.

Verdict: Bottom 10

7. LITHUANIA – Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila – This Time

‘I’m feeling hate. I want blood.’ Is that what the lyrics are? I agree.

Banjo playing crap excreted by dreadful human beings who can somehow warp time and make 3 minutes last forever. Also, it’s poo.

Verdict: Bottom 5

8. SERBIA – Bojana Stamenov – Beauty Never Lies

Opening like a Fuck Buttons track before introducing Obvious Female Vocals #483. Embarrassing production on the mp3 – vocals are far too loud and all the emotion is lost. There is potential that on the night this may sound stronger than it does to me today, but when I say strong I mean Andrex toilet paper strength rather than say A FUCKING DOUBLEDECKER BUS.

And then we get to the fucking middle bit. Some arsenugget presses the demo button on their Casio keyboard and we get some shitty electro shanty.

In retrospect, this one is pretty great. The fun they’re having is as infectious as a sexually transmitted disease and I can only celebrate that.

Verdict: Top 10

9. NORWAY – Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – A Monster Like Me

Not entirely sure why but this is a duet where both of them have the same way of singing. It just makes you question why they bothered getting another vocalist in. Love the title but feel less for the song. There’s an element of the ballad that I quite like and the finale is solid but is this the best Norway could do? Sounds like a song on the second side of the second tape in a Now That’s What I Call Music compilation from any year between 1980 and 2000.

Verdict: Bottom 5

10. SWEDEN – Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes

Man, Sweden are bastards aren’t they? They know they’ve got the chorus all sewn up. Do they give it to you the first time? Do they bollocks. They tease us with it and then BOOM there is it. Arrangement arrangement arrangement. The most important part of the song for me. And these poopcannons are so good at it. Obviously the song is kinda average but the production just makes it glow. Top 3 finish then.

I do like their Lego too.

Verdict: Top 5 / Win

11. CYPRUS – John Karayiannis – One Thing I Should Have Done

No, the one thing you should have done was press “delete track.”

Seriously, they’ve put this after Sweden? HAHAHA. This will come last. It’s the dullest most boring ballad of all time. He makes three minutes feel like twenty – which is only impressive if you’re fucking someone.

Verdict: Last

12. AUSTRALIA – Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again

And then Australia after Cyprus? They really are the filling of a shit sandwich.

Okay, this is just a hipster “let’s just live for tonight” song. Which would be fine if you hadn’t just elected Tony Abbott – the cat-raping torture porn jerkoff master. After seeing him spout his anti-gay, anti-immigrant filth of course you don’t want tomorrow. Now’s the time to fight, not time to party.

Once again, on a lighter note, the song is very nice indeed. Has grown on me a lot and is my pick to win as everyone will give them points I reckon.

Verdict: Top 5

13. BELGIUM – Loïc Nottet – Rhythm Inside

Hint of Lorde here. Very slow beat – feels quite on the pulse with what I hear today. On record it sounds like the bass synth is way too quiet – on the night that may be awesome if turned up.

I like this one but no one else seems too. After Australia I think it’s in trouble in the final.

Oh, just seen the video now, and seen that ‘she’ is a ‘he’. Good luck on your stag do in Belgium folks.

Verdict: Bottom 10

14. AUSTRIA – The Makemakes – I Am Yours

Pleasant applause. Couple of points. Just catching the eye of the person next to you and the nod that says “not very good but thanks for the contest”.

I wrote the above sentence on hearing the mp3 only. After seeing the performance there’s possibly something about this one – much like Netherlands last year. It sticks out against the others and just that difference could give it some impact. Also, host country always gets goodwill gesture points.

Verdict: Top 5

15. GREECE – Maria Elena Kyriakou – One Last Breath

Sneering snort of laughter.

Oh fuck off.

I’m not one to suggest people from Greece are liars but let’s think about this: Maria says she only has one last breath yet makes that breath last for 3 minutes warbling about some tedious bullshit. So based on this outrageous lie how can we trust anything else they say? They probably have all that money they owe down the back of the sofa or stuffed into their mattresses. Fair play, to be honest. I’d write off what they owe if they promised to put Maria to death.

Verdict: On lifesupport.

16. MONTENEGRO – Knez – Adio

After being punished aurally by the last song and bludgeoned with its dreariness, even the whimpering of a dog being put to death would be an improvement right now. And let’s say Montenegro is a step up, yeah? Just.

Verdict: Middle of nowhere

17. GERMANY – Ann Sophie – Black Smoke

Germany singing about black smoke, eh? No extra comment required.

Ann sounds like she’s a much better vocalist than this song requires. It becomes quite demanding on the listener to suffer through all of this. Misses many opportunities to be better.

Verdict: Circling the drain.

18. POLAND – Monika Kuszyńska – In The Name Of Love

A downtempo track for mopey people who like female singer songwriters or those with brain damage. The vocals are just so beige. No emotion. A bewildering underwhelming mess that tries to tug at your heart strings but instead knits you a cardigan, shuts down your synapses and increases your chance of developing dementia by 85%.

Verdict: Bottom 10.

19. LATVIA – Aminata – Love Injected

Oh, well obviously this is the best one. It’s a little FKA Twigs with some really mean deep bass. No joke, would listen to this as part of my normal day. Annoying that Latvia are the ones to do this as no one is actually going to give them points really. Absolutely great tune tho. Complex and intimate. Everything you don’t want in Eurovision. 100% flawless.

Verdict: Top 10.

20. ROMANIA – Voltaj – De la capăt (All Over Again)

Oh man, it’s good when a country sings in their own language. Noticed a little similarity to Only Teardrops in a little refrain. I don’t have much to say about this one. It feels quite strong – oh a bit in English. Yeah, I like this one.

Are you still reading this? Ed Miliband is a fucking cunt.

Verdict: Top 10

21. SPAIN – Edurne – Amanecer

Fucking hell. This is the sonic equivalent of a used digestive after a round of the biscuit game. Absolute soggy mush yet too chewy to swallow. Would never have qualified if not for automatic entry.

Yes, I concur, she is very pretty but on the flipside she’s going out with Man United’s keeper. This song? It’s not a keeper.

Verdict: MIddle

22. HUNGARY – Boggie – Wars For Nothing


Verdict: Bottom 10

23. GEORGIA – Nina Sublatti – Warrior

Big bashy number. Like a good Rihanna track (all two of them). Certainly a good one to follow that bum trumpet from Hungary. Really needs a better chorus though – still manages to hold its own and I see great potential here.

Hot girls in crazy costumes and skintight pvc is always going to get votes. Now excuse me a moment while I go fill up a bathtub with jizz.

Verdict: Top 10

24. AZERBAIJAN – Elnur Huseynov – Hour Of The Wolf


Less than 1% good. Dialled-in warbling, sloppy piano and key changes combine together about as well as a chicken vindaloo and 6 pounds of smegma.

Verdict: West Brom.

25. RUSSIA – Polina Gagarina – A Million Voices

Er. Is the first line to this “we are the worst people in the world”? Kudos to Russia. I’ve been thinking that for a while – yes, you are the worst people in the world. Not just because you are murdering anyone who dares to speak up against your Putin regime but because you send a song to Eurovision all about peace.

It’s like sending a Thank You card to the person who turned off your grandma’s life support. Or the person who ran over your child’s head with a Range Rover. Or any fuckweasel that supports Gamergate. Or Iain Duncan Smith for your ATOS benefit assessment.

On the song side- it’s great. Like really, really good. I think she’d make a great mail-order bride.

Verdict: Top 5

26. ALBANIA – Elhaida Dani – I’m Alive

Lots of Hey-yeah-yeah-yeahs early on which I’ve always felt was done better by that He-Man/4 Non Blondes song.

Heavily auto-tuned so believe this will be less good live. I inadvertently just called this song good. That’s probably unfair – the song is just musical mist. It’s slightly there and I can kinda notice it but it’s mostly just in the fucking way and spoiling my bastard day.

Verdict: Bottom 5

27. ITALY – Il Volo – Grande amore

Maybe the best piano in any of the songs so far. Which, in my terms, is like saying it’s the best lynching you’ve been to. Gives up the ghost a bit after setting the tone strongly. Mostly left wondering who would actually listen to a song that sounded like this for pleasure outside of a dick-measuring Eurovision contest.

Verdict: 56k modem dial up.


Everyone should be killed.

Eurovision 2014: Final thoughts before the final

10 May

Eurovision Song ContestThe Grand Final

YES I KNOW I ALREADY PUBLISHED AN ARTICLE ON EUROVISION. But that other article lists all the songs from the semi/flaccid finals which on Saturday you just won’t care about. So here are my thoughts repackaged and in order for you to look at while you watch. Please feel free to steal any lines you think are funny and tweet them.

Tweet and abuse me on the night: @ghostsmut

1. UKRAINE – Mariya Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock

It’s like pop from 2010 when pop was good. I was hoping for a Ke$ha cover but this will do. Fun and has whistling (everything in Eurovision that has whistling is a keeper). Makes me want to dance and do that thing with my floppy bit.

I thought this would win but it being on first makes that a little more unlikely. You’ll have forgotten it after 25 more awfulness. It being first should mean it’ll get points by default and I have money each way on it. Think Top 5.

Additionally,  if this gets a higher place than Russia then she’ll be put in that hamster wheel and forced to generate power for all of Crimea.

2. BELARUS – Teo – Cheesecake

Actually has dj-scratching on it. Oh Belarus your fourth world country is so amusing to us. Weird to say you’re ‘not like Patrick Swayze’ – to be honest I’m sure if you dug him up he’d have the consistency of a cheesecake.

It sounds like a boyband on the edge of break up and one step away from selling their tender buttholes for a last record deal.

I have money on this one to come in last.

3. AZERBAIJAN – Dilara Kazimova – Start A Fire

Delicately straddles the line between boring and beautiful. Bold and wonderful.

Sandwiched earlier between an awful track from Belarus and some obvious Eurovision tat from Iceland this song may shine.

Drinking game: do a shot every time you see gymnast cameltoe.

4. ICELAND – Pollapönk – No Prejudice

I liked the stuttering bit but that’s only because I enjoy laughing at disabled folk.

Basically, it’s Scouting For Retards.

Stunned that this got through to the finals. Your life will be better if you just hold your breath for 3 minutes. Cos you’ll be dead.

5. NORWAY – Carl Espen – Silent Storm

The 65th song of this contest to begin with a single piano. Originality has always been a problem in this competition. Man, if this song explodes into guitar rock I’ll be very disappointed. Waits. Hey you know what? It doesn’t. Congratualtions! Thanks for sticking with your genre.

Even if that genre was listening to a man whose arse is made out of sandpaper taking a huge dump.

6. ROMANIA – Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle

Side chain synths instead of chainsaw death screams. Runs out of ideas by two minutes but you can never ignore a male and female duet. I was correct that it got into the final but I still think it’s weaker than Oscar Pistorius’s defence plea.

7. ARMENIA – Aram MP3 – Not Alone

This was the favourite until the guy absolutely sang the opening really really badly in the semi final. If he sings it well this time then it could still work – especially after that 3 minute club banger that preceded it. Good old electric piano to begin with. Fair is fair. The song starts as a lovely sub-Lionel Richie ballad. But what’s this? Seems like they didn’t want to risk a slow piano song for the full 3 minutes and it explodes.

I’m concerned that the side chain synth stuff from Romania’s entry will make the crescendo of this one sound samey. It’s rather lovely on the mp3 but how it comes across on your TV set will make all the difference.

I think it will struggle and Aram MP3’s nerves will get the better of him. If not, big chance.

8. MONTENEGRO – Sergej Cetkovic – Moj svijet

Ah, pan pipes in Eurovision. The sound of winners!

Or winnets.

This really has nothing going for it. It’s 200-1. Instead, just close your eyes for three minutes and imagine squeezing Nigel Farage’s ballsac until it turns blue then black and then twisting it off.

9. POLAND – Donatan & Cleo – My Slowanie (We Are Slavic)

Ah, much better. Shouty girl hip hop. It’s a bit Hey Mickey and My Humps but I think it’d work better if it had a deep house bassline underneath it. Nice middle bit though that doesn’t fit in the slightest. Could be worse. Could be sung by the Black Eyed Peas.

10. GREECE – Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd – Rise Up

Are you allowed to use autotune on your voice in Eurovision? If not, these lot are in trouble. Sounds alright otherwise. Repetitive, catchy and forgettable. Feels like entering Cotton Eye Joe into a Classical music competition though. Like the idiotic ear-aids that you hear pumping from a Honda Civic boyracer as it speeds through an amber light nearly killing a pensioner.

11. AUSTRIA – Conchita Wurst – Rise Like A Phoenix

Now then. This is how to do a piano ballad. Like a James Bond theme mixed with a marching band. I’m guessing I should hate this?

I don’t.

Oh and yes, this is the bit you can bring your transphobia to the table and all laugh at the bearded woman. Well done. For me, I respect this a lot more. There’s no novelty in the song – it’s a proper song! Sure, if this sounded like Iceland’s entry I’d agree this was a joke but it doesn’t appear to be. Also, through a mixture of antics and, you know, having a good song this is the joint favourite.

12. GERMANY – Elaiza – Is It Right

If you like the abomination to music that is Pink! then you’ll like this because she sounds EXACTLY like her.

Personally, I find it slightly less exciting than going into Vision Express to browse for bifocal glasses for your grandmother.

13. SWEDEN – Sanna Nielsen – Undo

These Swedes always seem to give their songs a certain amount of gravitas. Saying that, it’s just a better quality version of Armenia’s song and even then it could be a cover of Anastasia. Money on this for each way obviously but it doesn’t quite make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

Worse, I just googled her picture and it didn’t make anything else stand up either.

Still it’s the joint favourite with Austria. Meh.

14. FRANCE – Twin Twin – Moustache

Hey France, you do some great hip hop. I heard it in La Haine. I listen to it. THIS IS NOT IT. Baffling atrocious. Manages to make 3 minutes feel like a 30 year war.


15. RUSSIA – Tolmachevy Sisters – Shine

If I was Ukrainian I’d be putting my borders back up based on this song. Whilst it’s an interesting insight into the propaganda machine coming from Russia it’s also like someone giving you a box of chocolates after raping the bullet hole in your mother’s forehead.

Will be interesting to see the political voting on this one. Some from those who are ex-Soviet Union, those who hate Russia and those who are paedophiles.

16. ITALY – Emma – La mia città

Impressed this isn’t an awful ballad. Got a bit of rock to it. Like Finland’s entry but with a decent distortion setting. Probably the only genuine rock song so maybe can’t be ignored. Potentially all this ballad, pop dubstep nonsense will sound the same in the final and this could shine.

Yeah right. Only kidding. Some butt nugget of a song will win. This has no chance.

17. SLOVENIA – Tinkara Kovac – Round And Round

BOOM! This one is great from the off. Solid production and a fine, fine chorus. Maybe a little understated and could just be something on the radio but yeah, high hopes for this.

Which shows how much I know as it’s 150-1. Which makes no sense compared to ICELAND.

18. FINLAND – Softengine – Something Better

Finland has found middle of the road rock music. It sounds like a recent A-Ha record. The members are all 17-19 years old. What the hell happened Finland? I think you need to ask yourself some serious questions about your education system. Why aren’t these guys in jail for dressing like trolls and burning churches down. Very disappointed.

Pop rock with gang shouts and all other genre clichés. Can’t fucking stand it. If you still like guitar pop from the 90’s this will be your favourite song. It’s also why no one listens to your music recommendations anymore and your playlists on Spotify all have zero listeners.

19. SPAIN – Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing In The Rain

Oh thanks Spain. Just enter the Genocide of Music as your entry. Fucking wonderful.

This is a reason to vote for UKIP.

20. SWITZERLAND – Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars

A song condoning the hunting and murder of celebrities. Not really. But it should be!

On record it all sounds a little pathetic but I’m sure in the stadium this may have a certain appeal…

To the kind of people who put Cadbury’s Creme eggs up their arse and poop them into their children’s’ mouths.

21. HUNGARY – András Kállay-Saunders – Running

Ooh. Like this a lot. Strained and vulnerable vocals. Sounds like we could have a strong contender here… Oh no, amen break beats almost tip it into kitsch. Saying that, it’s growing on me a lot. Second chorus arrangement is interesting and certainly plays down the beats. Love the way it runs into it’s ending. Yeah, awesome. I think.

I want this to win. It won’t.

22. MALTA – Firelight – Coming Home

Fleetwood Mac-aroni cheesy bellends.

I think this one and Netherlands (later) are similar in the way they are very different from the other songs. This stands out. I just think they forgot to put a chorus on it. No chance.

23. DENMARK – Basim – Cliché Love Song

More whistling. Hard to dismiss this or criticise when it’s called Cliché Love Song. I do know a few songs I’d like more if they were called ANOTHER BORING BALLAD.

I really do like this – mostly because everything in my very soul says I should absolutely hate it. Has ‘hit of the summer’ written all over it. Instead, they entered it into Eurovision and now no one will want it.

They should have entered Everything Is Awesome though, those Lego-making-dildohats.

24. NETHERLANDS – The Common Linnets – Calm After The Storm

This is just With or Without You or Every Breath You Take. Nice slide guitar to give it a bit of a country influence. Based on what’s popular right now that’s pretty brave. Nothing particularly strong. Just potters along and stops.

This is the song to watch. Like Malta this is the most obvious “NOT A STANDARD EUROVISION SONG”. However, does that mean it’s a great song? I don’t know. It’s nice but when you sit back and consider it – nothing happens. It doesn’t do anything. It’s just nice. And that’s why it won’t win.

25. SAN MARINO – Valentina Monetta – Maybe (Forse)

This is her third attempt to qualify and the stupid piece of sputum only went and qualified. Bah. And with a song that has NOTHING going for it. No chorus, not even a memorable vocal melody in the verse. Poor, poor and just Poo.

Fingers crossed for null points.

26. UNITED KINGDOM – Molly – Children Of The Universe

However, San Marino get to separate the UK from that rather good but bland Netherland song. Which I think will make both songs stand out more. And hey you know what? The UK entry is not too bad. Pretentious and full of itself – like everyone in the UK. Yeah, I like this. We’ve finally entered a song rather than a pop distraction. Great drop before the first chorus too.

Just needs to wave a flag saying PUTIN LICKS HORSE SCHLONG for a few more votes.

Having the UK on last with a song that is basically a massive sing-along like Earth Song puts us in an interesting place. I think it will be close but if you’ve got money I’d put an each-way on this. It’ll be in the top 5 I think. Odds are currently 9-1.

My Top 6 – and no, even though Slovenia will not be in the Top 6 I’m still not taking them out.

  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • United Kingdom

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Ghostsmut’s Final Thoughts Before Eurovision Malmö 2013

18 May


It’s the Black Keys but with a female singer. It’s 200 – 1 to win.

Opposite of everything Eurovision and it starts the competition. Chorus has a great stomp. Just voted in gay marriage so bonus points for France.

Ghostsmut advice: Worth an each way punt at those odds.

Lithuania 200-1

It’s about parasitic brain worms. Or love.

For me the chorus feels a little A-Ha and not enough punch. However, a great performance might change that.

Ghostsmut advice: It’s Lithuania and they have no friends so who cares?

Moldova 100-1

YES! The first ballad. It’s rather lovely and builds very well. But no chance and I think she’ll mess up the high notes.

Finland 40-1
It’s a fucking war crime of a song. But has a lesbian kiss in it so let’s accept it.

Ghostsmut advice: Follow my advice and report it as a war crime like I did.

Spain 250-1

At least the song before it is terrible in a 90s pop way. This song is awful in a holy fuck you wrote that and thought it was worth sharing with other people? No wonder your fucking economy is fucking fucked.


Belgium 100-1

I like this one. The chorus is lovely and has a great vibe. But the singer has the charisma of David Cameron’s dead kid.

Ghostsmut advice: Each way punt for me.

Estonia 250-1

You’ll be asleep by the second chorus.

Ghostsmut advice: Have a nap.

Belarus 150-1

Good stomp feel after that awful ballad from Estonia. It’s about Solero ice lollies.

Ghostsmut advice: You will be sick of it after 30 seconds. Feels like a jingle for an advert.

Malta 66-1

This is Scouting For Girls. Might go down well with some people. I can’t swallow it personally.

Ghostsmut advice: If you like it then consider an each way. I can’t stand it to even consider that option.

Russia 16-1

Russia get votes from EVERYONE.

When I first heard it I described it as JIZZPUKE. I still stand by that. However, it’s the kind of JIZZPUKE that gets lots of votes. Urgh.

Ghostsmut advice: Reluctant each way bet.

Cascada – 40-1

Yes, it really is Cascada. Instead of them entering something poppy and cheesy they have enetered something lazy as fuck. Chorus is dull. No one cares.

Ghostsmut advice: Ignore

Armenia 250-1

Trivia: It’s written by Tony Iommi’ from Black fucking Sabbath. But it can’t stand out even after Cascada. And it’s FUCKING AWFUL.

Ghostsmut advice: Likely to be last place or as close to Spain as possible.

Netherlands 25-1

A real game changer this one. No one has entered something this different in a while. I really LOVE it. And most fan boys of Eurovision seem to HATE it.

Ghostsmut advice: Each way bet certainty for me.

Romania 50-1

Get ready for a shock. His balls get amputated half way through. Comedy fucking gold. I tell you.

Ghostsmut advice: Just laugh. Don’t bet on it FFS.

United Kingdom 50-1

Song is shit. She looks like a chewed scrotum that’s now infected.

Ghostsmut advice: UK is hated. We’re trying to pull out of Europe and being generally dicks everywhere. Expect close to nul points as possible. Bottom 3 with Spain and Armenia.

Sweden 80-1

This is the home nation. They will get points from everyone being kind. I like the chorus but it feels like it doesn’t go awesome enough. Maybe they’ve changed it in practise. let’s hope it.

Ghostsmut advice: Home nations usually always do well. Each way bet if you think he performs it well on the night.

Hungary 100-1

Sounds like dEUS. Rather like it.

Ghostsmut advice: After the home nation song before it this song will bomb.

Denmark 8/13 (!!!)

This will win. As soon as you hear it you’re like Oh, a song that is good after a song that is weird.

Ghostsmut advice: Win by fucking miles. Listen to the crowd cheer after it ends.

Iceland 100-1

It’s a Cliff Richard xmas song. Putrid. After Denmark no one will care.

Ghostsmut advice: Toilet break.

Azerbaijan 12-1

Something different. Balkan music craziness. Love it.

Ghostsmut advice: Only song like this in the competition. Top 5 easy.

Ukraine 10-1

Why is this 10-1? It’s a dildo thrown at a fucking spaceship. Does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Must get points from Russia and their buddies. Maybe she’s hot. Not checked.

Ghostsmut advice: I hate it so it will win or something.

Italy 25-1

As hopeless as the Pope.

Ghostsmut advice: The least exciting ballad of the competition so again wouldn’t surprise me if it fucking wins.

Norway 5-1

HOLY FUCK. This is amazing.

Ghostsmut advice: Modern music in Eurovision? Deserves to win. For me, it’s this or Denmark.

Georgia 33-1

It’s the only duet this year so never ignore them. Bollocks though.

Ghostsmut advice: Go have a poop.

Ireland 25-1

Last song always does well. Sounds nice. Super gay drumming boys in it too. Fan boys seem to dislike it so let’s assume it will do well.

Ghostsmut advice: Each way bet again for me.

Eurovision Song Contest – Malmö 2013

14 Apr

Eurovision 2013

Eurovision time again cunts!

I don’t think there is an order to the semi-finals yet so shut your face and take it like a man. Will I offend your Cuntry this year? That all depends on what you’ve entered fuckheads.

Shall we begin then?


1. AUSTRIA – Natalia Kelly – Shine

So we start off with an unreleased Girls Aloud track. Except the writers were sent to us via a time machine from a time before music was any good. I find her voice on the side of annoying in that awful poppy Country Western crossover way we had about a decade ago. The way it falls into the final chorus is haplessly arranged and doesn’t deliver the cod-soft rock emotion that it’s clearly aiming for. Regardless, the whole song feels like it’s missing something and the chorus is just too ploddy and feels built entirely on a Lars Ulrich drumbeat.


2. ESTONIA – Birgit – Et uus saaks alguse

Yay! A piano ballad. Everyone’s favourite. Joke – you know the drill – absolute bare-minimum effort from Estonia here. More frustrating is the way the piano is played – every note is exactly the same volume level so there’s no subtle texture. The chorus is lovely but it’s difficult to judge as the verse is absolute nothing. Typical pop music really: awful verse, good chorus. Mind you, saying that, when it did the chorus the second time I was asleep so I missed it.


3. SLOVENIA – Hannah – Straight Into Love

The influence of Skrillex is over this like a fucking virus. Worse, it feels as falsely provided as a free handjob from your bank manager after you take out a loan with high APR. The reason it feels so fake is that the song’s verse is a standard makes-me-piss-blood ballad. Ergo, the writer went okay, we’ve done our silly noises now we have to put a proper song in. Which of course goes against everything the dubstep/brostep genre is actually about. If this was 3 minutes of unlistenable garbage – like Skrillex – it would be a game changer for Eurovision. No vocals or any of that poofy stuff. Just 3 minutes of what they alluded to in this song’s introduction. Hannah’s song is the audio equivalent of a 40 year old wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt. The sound of cancer growth in my bowels is better than this.

On second listen. The chorus is fantastic. I revoke the above opinion and leave it there as it’s quite funny.


4. CROATIA – Klapa s Mora – Mižerja

Well, I hate it. It’s poisonously vapid and the kind of music you imagine those weird freaks who go to see things at the theatre listen to.


5. DENMARK – Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops

Ooh, it has a recognisable panpipe refrain. Something about that takes me back to a film soundtrack maybe? I can feel it tugging away at my brain. This song totally makes me think of something else – not Titanic. Oh, this is excellent. Really great chorus, love the big drums in the middle section. A wash of synth is buried underneath but never goes full on cheesy dance. Yep, impressed with this one.


6. RUSSIA – Dina Garipova – What If

A nice slice of Evanescence at the start. Remember them? If you looked up STANDARD EUROVISION SONG the definition would be this song. Coincidently if you looked up JIZZPUKE this song would also be there. I absolutely fucking hate it. From the “give up our guns” line to the key change end section it’s just so formulaic. It’s as fake as Putin’s denial that he’s a mass murdering turd hound.

However, it’s the kind of regurgitated anal pus you cunts lap up. So it will win.


7. UKRAINE – Zlata Ognevich – Gravity

I’m loving the way loads of these songs start with a “LOOK AT ME” 20-second intro then collapse back into a dull piano ballad and then begin to build themselves up again. This track made no impact on me whatsoever. It made me feel nothing. Not bad, not good, just nothing.

It’s a dildo thrown at a fucking spaceship.

Will not qualify

8. NETHERLANDS – Anouk – Birds

Urgh. No, sorry – that was my first impression of the song. But then something in me changed. There is something hypnotic about this. I’m quite surprised by this one. It’s subtle. And Eurovision is NEVER subtle. You keep expecting it to explode but it never does. That’s what makes me like it so much – it builds in a better and cleverer way. It has absolutely no chance of course but I respect it and liked it.

Will not qualify

9. MONTENEGRO – Who See – Igranka

Ah, congratulations worst song ever. Juno Reactor-esque, which is already 10 years out of date. However, they have nailed the Skrillex-chorus. This is how you do it. Take note Slovenia. So yeah, the chorus is great but the verses are like being strangled by an aborted baby’s umbilical cord.


10. LITHUANIA – Andrius Pojavis – Something

This man has something to tell us. In fact the entire verse is him building up to tell us something. Oh, it’s about love. And it’s about as interesting as a recent A-ha song.

Oh right, this song is amazing! It’s all about being in someone’s head and heart, etc. It’s about parasitic worms! It’s about the war he is in with the victim as they battle the medication to destroy the worms. Powerful stuff. Weird thing to sing about but hey, they prob don’t have anything to do in Lithuania but chat about worms and how to make sandals.

Not qualify

11. BELARUS – Alyona Lanskaya – Solayoh



This is a hungover entry from last year. It has that “did I hear this in 2012?” feel about it. Also, it’s about a Solero lolly. It’s nicely done but just sounds far too serious to be any fun. A live performance can of course change this, but on record this is as stern faced as a North Korean military training exercise.


12. MOLDOVA – Aliona Moon – O mie

Ballads in foreign are always much better. I can’t bash my head off an iron spike over how ham-fisted the lyrics are. Really lovely chorus and the way the second verse follows on is excellent. Love the constant building of layering throughout. And yeah, I’m sure this all about love or something pitiful but I like to think it’s about microwaving hamsters.


13. IRELAND – Ryan Dolan – Only Love Survives

Oh, this is like Hurts. Very well arranged. Was amused to see it build up a chorus then collapse but then explode on a random bit further on. I know you’ll all hate me for saying it as you all hate it when Ireland win. But this will win. It’s everything all the others have been in one song. Mind you, it feels like it falls down near the end. It just runs out of steam and should probably have been 2.30 instead of 3.00. Never mind.

Qualify and WIN

14. CYPRUS – Despina Olympiou – An me thimasai


Look, I liked Moldova. Is that not enough? This is stupendously hideous. Like someone put a human voice output onto a set of bagppes and played them with their bum. Just dull. On a side note, I looked her up on Google and jerked myself off to her picture just to pass the time. Glad the song was only 3 minutes long.

De-spoiled Olympiou

De-spoiled Olympiou

Will not qualify

15. BELGIUM – Roberto Bellarosa – Love Kills

Argh, accidental gayness. I’m covered in jizz from the last one and then a man’s voice comes on.

Anyway, this is a nice little song. It’s driving and although it has a poor man’s dubstep breakdown in the middle it moves past that and straight back into the most retro pop & rock chorus I’ve heard in a while. I very much liked it. Just don’t shine a UV light over my keyboard.

Not qualify

16. SERBIA – Moje 3 – Ljubav je svuda

Awesome cheese synth with delay. Drums are non-existent and the balance of the whole song is wrong. It’s clap your hands, point and laugh type of awful. As unwanted as someone turning a hand-dryer vent around so that it dries your face but then pooping in it thereby leaving a horrific faecal trap for the next unfortunate user. (I HAVE DONE THIS).

Not qualify


1. LATVIA – PeR – Here We Go

What the actual fuck? Is this a Chumbawumba football song? Oh my, that is a bad snare sound. And awful rap. Faux DJ scratches too? Dubstep middle bit? Horn section. Jesus fuck-me-in-the ass Christ. This is ticking every worst idea of the 90s in one fell swoop. Fucking congratulations you mad fucking Latvians. Top marks. Awful and astounding at the same time. Best worst thing ever.

Not a fucking chance of qualifying.

2. SAN MARINO – Valentina Monetta – Crisalide (Vola)

It’s safe to say no one cares about San Marino. They won’t qualify as this is just elevator music with some forgettable vocals on top. Unforgivable because the chorus is as dull as the verse. It also has a terrible tempo change which isn’t done very well. Then speeds up and puts an Abba-type disco beat on. Genuinely the worst song I’ve heard yet. Emotionally, it makes me visualise someone painting their newborn kid’s bedroom beige.

Will not qualify

3. MACEDONIA – Esma & Lozano – Pred da se razdeni

Halfway decent ballad here. When all you’ve got is a chorus, just keep doing the chorus. Oh no. Then it goes a bit crazy and it appears some unfortunate person got their genitals trapped in a door because there is a lot of “urrrgaghagahaaaaaaaa” nonsense before the 2nd verse happens. Awful for every second it exists.

Will not qualify

4. AZERBAIJAN – Farid Mammadov – Hold Me

Ah, finally. This is the kind of poop I wanted to hear. Not anything special but the production feels like it adds to the song rather than making it a dated knob-twiddling, look-at-how-many-plugins-I-can-use cripplefight. Nothing remarkable but based on how bad the last three have been this is much better. Pish ending tho.


5. FINLAND – Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me

Ah, Finland. Another embarrassing entry. Oh hang on. It’s worse than that. Eyebrow raise alert when she sings “I’m your slave and you’re my master”. Since it’s called Marry Me and you don’t have gay marriage in Finland I assume you are saying this to a man. Combined with your dyed blonde hair Samantha Janus, I don’t think you are setting a very good example for girls.

Luckily, the song is an audible warfare ender. You play this and everyone in a 100-mile radius prolapses immediately and dies of anal asphyxiation. We should bomb the fuck out of Finland for this act of atrocity. In fact, I better fucking report it.

You need to report this kind of stuff.

You need to report this kind of stuff.


6. MALTA – Gianluca – Tomorrow

Scouting For Girls pointlessness. Accent pop gubbins. Doesn’t make much of an impact on me but at least it sounds different from everything else. Chorus just isn’t strong enough – just kinda jaunty all the way through. Don’t think that’ll be enough.

Not qualify

7. BULGARIA – Elitsa & Stoyan – Samo shampioni

You know, I need to do some shopping today. I do need some shampoo and when I saw that title it reminded me. My mind wandered, I opened up a new tab and started my online shop. The song ended and I realised I had not heard any of it. I went back and listened to it again and my mind wandered off again. It is just a ghost of a song. It has to be the most boring song yet which, considering it is up-tempo and quite lively, is an astonishing achievement. Bland in a trans-dimensional way.

Not qualify

8. ICELAND – Eythor Ingi – Ég á líf

Folk seem to like Iceland in Eurovision. I don’t find anything remotely worthwhile in this. It sounds like a Cliff Richard Christmas song. At the end a whole load of backing singers come in and I can just imagine it on the stage. I don’t like this track but I think it will do well.


9. GREECE – Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis – Alcohol Is Free

Yay. Balkan music. Love this shit. It’s up-tempo and fun in an honest way. The chorus appears to say “Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol is sweet” and this is an absolute truth. Oh, just looked at the title. It says “free”. Either way, it’s great. It sounds like it was an entry for last year but it’s still fun. I’m assuming they all look bonkers too.


10. ISRAEL – Moran Mazor – Rak bishvilo

Urgh. She sounds like she’s hawking up phlegm. Oh man, whoever produced this should have done something about it. The whole track makes me nauseous & I can feel my balls retreating into my body in disgust. Once some more instrumentation comes in this hawking phlegm sound is masked but, like hearing Lady Gaga’s penis plop out of Mr T’s eyesocket, you can’t unhear it. Great potential for a disastrous high note calamity here too. Just plain awful.


11. ARMENIA – Dorians – Lonely Planet

This sounds like Lemar doing some kind of soft rock. Its heart is in the right place but I’m not finding the chorus is enough to raise the hairs on the back of my neck like it should. I like the copy and pasted 80s guitar solo too. This won’t do well as everyone hates Armenians cos they steal everyone’s jobs. They need to put some backing vocals on it though, as currently it sounds like one man battling a very loud guitar.

Not Qualify

12. HUNGARY – ByeAlex – Kedvesem

What the hell is this? Similar to Holland’s entry – it’s interesting and subtle. I’m quite fond of it and can’t think of anything harsh to say. It has a kind of dEUS feel and absolutely will bomb as it’s not bum nuggets masquerading as sequins.


13. NORWAY – Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love

This fucking better be about sucking cock. Stunning synth over the opening. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. This is amazing. Yes, this is another nul pointer from Norway and I adore it. This is music that actually sounds from this decade as opposed to every other entry. If Rihanna sang this it would be number 1. Great drops, great arrangement. Fucking flawless. Would listen to this outside of Eurovision. Fantastic.

Qualify and win.

14. ALBANIA – Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko – Identitet

How to make the worst music ever tutorial:

Step 1. Be Albanian.
Step 2. There is no Step 2.


15. GEORGIA – Nodi Tatishvili & Sophie Gelovani – Waterfall

Never ignore duets. However lame they are. Never ignore them. They always do well. This is like listening to someone with haemorrhoids raping themselves with a toilet brush. Similarly, it explodes at the end. I imagine I was supposed to feel something but I just visualised a man exploding and a toilet brush covered with torn anal tract.


16. SWITZERLAND – Takasa – You And Me

I’m still not sure Switzerland actually really exists. I think it’s a made-up place. This could be the national anthem for a country that didn’t exist. And it just won’t quit with it’s fucking atrocious chorus. It must be a solid minute of the same fucking thing. ARGHhhh. Fuck you Switzerland.

Not qualify

17. ROMANIA – Cezar – It’s My Life

Cheesy trance mixed with Peter and the Wolf. I-

What is this? His voice goes all high and silly. Hahah. This is great. Oh but another dubstep drop. Come on. Either make the whole song like that or don’t do it at all. Don’t use it for a “look at us being down with the kids” section. Shocking ending. Wastes its time at the beginning and comes across as a novelty castration act.



FRANCE – Amandine Bourgeois – L’enfer et moi

Very Black Keys this one. Great stomp and overdriven guitars. This is the type of music that’s doing well in hipster circles and is the opposite of everything Eurovision exists for. Really, really like it.

Will come 2nd last

GERMANY – Cascada – Glorious

Wait. Cascada? Really? This is what Germany have entered? A song from another decade? It sounds as old as Allo Allo and is filled with just as many thoughtless words. This isn’t good at all. I was expecting a 2012 Swedish level of trancey dance cracking chorus but this doesn’t grab me at all. Fucking dire ending too.


ITALY – Marco Mengoni – L’essenziale

This is another one of those forgettable bits of fluff. It’s as effective as brushing your teeth with a toothbrush with no bristles. Amongst the final songs this might stand out but I doubt it as there are better ballads in this contest.

As hopeless as the Pope

SPAIN – ESDM – Contigo hasta el final

30 seconds are taken up with warbling. Then an early Taylor Swift song emerges which very weakly builds to a sheepish peak 2 minutes in. Not much to talk about here. What was I going to say…? Oh right, yeah, so imagine you’re fucking Taylor Swift, right, and I know she’s been holed more times than a golf course, so you’d have to wrap your dick in a face flannel just to give you a bit more girth so you could get any traction on the poor girl. Anyway, imagine you did that and you’re pummelling away, I wonder if her face shows any sign of cognitive thought? I imagine when she’s being filled out like an application her face still looks like she’s just bitten into a Cadbury’s Flake like in an advert from 1980. Pure floaty incomprehension like she looks most of the time. Anyway, the important bit is this: when you’re done does Taylor Swift make a goat noise when she cums? Based on all those Taylor Swift goat memes on the internet I think she does.

Oh yes, Spain. Shite.

SWEDEN – Robin Stjernberg – You

Come on – taking a full minute of dirge to get to the chorus and then only letting it play for 10 seconds! That’s pretty fucking cheeky pal. This is a pretty decent chorus and I don’t think it’s being used enough. It does the chorus ONCE at the end. Shocking. So much of the 3 minutes is WASTED here with boring guff. Writing a good chorus and then not going nuts with it is an abhorrent waste – especially in a song competition like this where there are next to no good songs.


UNITED KINGDOM – Bonnie Tyler – Believe In Me

“No one likes us and we don’t care.” Fair enough UK, but I don’t like you either and I live here. This song has already been done better by other countries this year. Gah, there’s nothing to do but listen to it. I thought about another wank but I googled her and she looks like a chewed scrotum.



Well that’s it. The first semi-final seems to be filled with female vocal safe stuff which is very hit and miss. The second semi-final is filled with diverse and mostly terrible examples of how not to write a song. What’s noticeable is that a lot of the songs sound like they are longer than 3 minutes and end far too abruptly. Maybe it’s always been like that but it’s really noticeable this year.

Countries I will put money on:


Curators – The Cold In The Walls

27 Mar

Curators - The Cold In The Walls

Following on from their debut release Is This A Private Flight? Curators have huddled together, perfected their sound and delivered one of the finest eps I’ve heard in a while.

Whilst the cover is a little Led Zeppelin IV for my taste the music contained within is nothing like that – thank God. I would have preferred a photo of the terrible band Cold stuffed into the walls of someone’s house like a horrific Fred West tribute but ce la vie, you can’t have everything.

The opener, Sunk reminds me of classic Get Up Kids. It’s a flawless up-tempo track with some pretty zingy lyrics that sidestep cliché and come across honest and heartfelt. It’s perfect. Ghost in the Attic sounds like a cross between early Placebo and Glasvegas which makes it particularly striking.

Every time I see the phrase “Loose Lips Sink Ships” I think of Shout Out Out Out Out’s “Guilt Trips, Sink Ships” which is a damn hard tune to beat so it’s with great relief that the Curators track of similar name is just as superb. I especially liked the Idlewild When I Argue I See Shapes-type vocal play end bit. Although I would have put a huge dubstep drop in before the last chorus because I’m a terrible person. If anything, sometimes Curators don’t allow themselves to revel in the joyous crescendos they architect – but that’s a selfish critiscm really. As Flight of The Conchords said “2 minutes in heaven is better than 1 minute in heaven”.

North Star is the beacon of the ep: providing not only a shiver down the spine moment on the delivery of the first chorus but building on its repetition and making it stronger each time. Thankfully, it bears no relation to Mel C’s Northern Star either. It might have but they stopped their producer Guy Perchard adding bells and xmas tones to it according to the inlay credits. Sometimes a band knows best.

In what I’d only consider to be a minor flaw with the record is that on Bones & Scars the lead vocals sound slightly less enthusiastic on their delivery than the backing vocalists which dampens the experience the song deserves. The ep closes on the thunderous Dinosaurs which although starts off a little Slowasaurus it quickly evolves into a fucking T-Rex and stomps the shit out of everything. Which is a lovely way to round things off.

The album is available to stream on Bandcamp at the moment with download coming soon or you can go buy the cd from Big Cartel right now. Go check it out.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND!

8 Oct

Track 1: Mladic

0 -4 mins: some feedback
5 mins: crap drumming
6-7 mins: un-progressive instrumentation
8 mins: a riff – oh, the splendour of a poorly constructed song
9 – 10 mins: repeat riff until unbearable to pompously demand that the listener think it’s meaningful
11 mins: bass section about as memorable as a Nick Clegg speech
12 mins: slow bit
13 – 16 mins: An actual bit of composition. A lovely swirling section. Very reminiscent of My Dying Bride doom metal from the 90s.
16-17 mins: some more feedback
17-19 mins: Back to the swirling section again
19 – 20 mins: some feedback

Wow. Well that was worth waiting for. I can’t WAIT to listen to the rest of this album. Oh hang on, I can. Maybe give it another ten fucking years.

This type of music is dead.