Curators – The Cold In The Walls

27 Mar

Curators - The Cold In The Walls

Following on from their debut release Is This A Private Flight? Curators have huddled together, perfected their sound and delivered one of the finest eps I’ve heard in a while.

Whilst the cover is a little Led Zeppelin IV for my taste the music contained within is nothing like that – thank God. I would have preferred a photo of the terrible band Cold stuffed into the walls of someone’s house like a horrific Fred West tribute but ce la vie, you can’t have everything.

The opener, Sunk reminds me of classic Get Up Kids. It’s a flawless up-tempo track with some pretty zingy lyrics that sidestep cliché and come across honest and heartfelt. It’s perfect. Ghost in the Attic sounds like a cross between early Placebo and Glasvegas which makes it particularly striking.

Every time I see the phrase “Loose Lips Sink Ships” I think of Shout Out Out Out Out’s “Guilt Trips, Sink Ships” which is a damn hard tune to beat so it’s with great relief that the Curators track of similar name is just as superb. I especially liked the Idlewild When I Argue I See Shapes-type vocal play end bit. Although I would have put a huge dubstep drop in before the last chorus because I’m a terrible person. If anything, sometimes Curators don’t allow themselves to revel in the joyous crescendos they architect – but that’s a selfish critiscm really. As Flight of The Conchords said “2 minutes in heaven is better than 1 minute in heaven”.

North Star is the beacon of the ep: providing not only a shiver down the spine moment on the delivery of the first chorus but building on its repetition and making it stronger each time. Thankfully, it bears no relation to Mel C’s Northern Star either. It might have but they stopped their producer Guy Perchard adding bells and xmas tones to it according to the inlay credits. Sometimes a band knows best.

In what I’d only consider to be a minor flaw with the record is that on Bones & Scars the lead vocals sound slightly less enthusiastic on their delivery than the backing vocalists which dampens the experience the song deserves. The ep closes on the thunderous Dinosaurs which although starts off a little Slowasaurus it quickly evolves into a fucking T-Rex and stomps the shit out of everything. Which is a lovely way to round things off.

The album is available to stream on Bandcamp at the moment with download coming soon or you can go buy the cd from Big Cartel right now. Go check it out.



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