Sleep Party People – We Were Drifting On A Sad Song

20 Apr

Earlier this year I received an email from Blood & Biscuits (an indie record label who distribute some of my favourite bands: Three Trapped Tigers, Gallops, Tall Ships, etc) introducing me to Sleep Party People. As is usually the case anything that is distributed by Blood & Biscuits is awesome so I promptly went off hunting for their work.

I found I’m Not Human At All and immediately fell in love with them.

Now this is the part of the music industry I don’t like. The only way to get their debut album was to get it from iTunes. I don’t use iTunes. In the past I’ve bought things then had to convert them into MP3s or wavs just to get them onto my non-Apple mp3 players. Now though, I’ve uninstallled iTunes and will not be using it again. It is terrible.

So, I’m sorry to say I had to illegally download their debut album Sleep Party People. I then listened to nothing else for a good couple of months. It was brilliant.

Now though, I get to pay the artist back as they’ve released a new cd. It’s available in the shops and I could buy it directly from Blood & Biscuits. Thank god.

It turned up a fortnight ago and I’ve been playing it over and over. And also wearing the awesome t-shirt I got in the bundle pack.

I hate to say what an artist sounds like by comparing them to other bands but if I had to I’d say something like Sigur Ros crossed with shoegaze. So if you like Sigur Ros you will like Sleep Party People. If that still hasn’t sold you then continue reading…

The album starts with A Dark God Heart which is a straight continuation of the last album. Beautiful piano blended with his weird vocal – all I have come to expect from Sleep Party People. But no, he has a surprise for us. Midway through the track explodes like Explosions in the Sky and by Jove, it is glorious!

The majority of the album is immediate, bright, and beautifully constructed. Often it changes direction suddenly, not content to sound the same as a previous track and frequently emerges sounding different from anything I’ve heard them do before. Specifically the title track We Were Drifting On A Sad Song which has a much more synthesised arrangement and sounds incredible.

The only problem I have with the album is Chin. This is the single and I have to be honest – I just don’t get it. It’s good but after several listens I still can’t shake the feeling that this is an amazing song that has an ill-judged looped drum beat dropped over the top. It’s like when you mix down a song and leave the metronome on. Oh well. Maybe it’ll grow on me!

I love the end of Things Will Disappear Like Tears In The Rain which turns into something off Nine Inch Nails’ The Fragile. The end guitar/synth just reminds me so heavily of that. Stunning.

Overall, for me, this is one of the best things released in 2012 so far alongside Burial’s Kindred EP.

Finally: I live in Edinburgh but work has taken me down South for the week so will be lucky enough to see Sleep Party People at their Brighton gig on 21st April. Should be amazing.

Standout Tracks: A Dark God Heart, We Were Drifting On A Sad Song, Heavy Burden


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