65daysofstatic – We Were Exploding Anyway

2 May

Oh yes, and we’re off to a good start. A lot of promise already. For example, in stark contrast to their last album, we can hear the drum beat now they’ve managed to produce it properly. As noble as not using compression on their last album was – it highlighted that they can’t write songs for shit.

Mountainhead on the other hand is a real “please listen to us again” plea. One of the things I like about 65daysofstatic is the selective mixing they use. They clearly bring some instruments up really loud just so you can tell they’re there and then fade them to almost nothing when they don’t want you to pick them out. The track is too long though and the worst part about this track is when it’s good it’s as good as their old stuff and when it’s not as good as their old stuff it’s not doing anything new.

Crash Tactics
Beginning is a Gary Numan song isn’t it? Ooh, some silly sounds. Nice. Ah, but then it changes and isn’t so good. Sound is really polished, not sure I like it. Sounds way too controlled. Drumming is ridiculously mid-paced and in all honesty a bit dull. No real structure – feels like the song is just building from start to finish. Really lacking the OOMF from the breaks – has sections that you feel should really make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up but fails to capitalise on it. Ends up a bit of a filler track really.

Dance Dance Dance
More building. Ooh! Finally, some nice tribal beats after a minute or so. I mean I say nice but it’s surprisingly obvious. Remember that bit in the Matrix Reloaded where they all have a big dance in Zion? It’s basically the music from that. Man, again this track is just building. It’s like each song is just a melody which they repeat and build the whole song on top of. Not enough changes for me. In the last minute it “explodes” but not to a degree that I wanted. Failing is the drums I think, the sound of them is too rock and not enough electro.

Piano Fights
Er, is this a demo? This sounds like a casio keyboard drumbeat and casio piano. Oh it explodes in a bit but isn’t at a peak worth talking about. God, this is a bad record so far. The glitch is embarrassing. It’s like it’s there to say “ooh look we sound like we used to” but they’re just a bunch of Guitar Zeros now. All soaring guitars built on crumbling foundations. Like a trigger happy American more concerned with firing his pistol than having a reason to fucking do it. Crap.

Oh hello 65daysofstatic. I was wondering where you were hiding. In fact, I was kinda wondering if the last four tracks had been Spotify playing four adverts for car insurance in a row. Weak4 is 65days as they used to sound. Straight away it sounds like it’s on the wrong album here. Massive synthy beats. Glitch and everything we/I wanted. In fact I can clearly say that the other four tracks have been awful after hearing this one. They shouldn’t have put this on the record it just makes everything else sound fucking BEIGE. Let’s hope the rest of the album sounds like this now!

Come To Me
Oh fuck off. Silly little piano like on Piano Fights. Are you going to explode? Oh no, you’ve got some dull post-rock melodies to bore me with first. Oh god. What’s worse is that they have decided to put vocals on this. And 65days, I’m sorry to say, sound about as comfortable with vocals as Gordon Brown is around bigots. It is appalling. It’s the audio equivalent of two virgins having sex. Clumsy and outright fail. Bad effects, bad audio editing, just everything. And FUCK OFF with your SHITTY fucking drum sounds. Jesus Christ, how good were the drum sounds on One Time For All Time or even Weak4? So why do they insist on using such a boring kit sound that sounds like everyone else on all the other songs? If I wanted to hear a regular drum kit I’d listen to Nickelback. And also, because Nickelback can drum better. This song falls into a Lars Ulrich beat at the crescendo and really should hang its head in shame. And then be post-aborted.

Go Complex
Oh heavens. Thank god for this drone synth at the beginning. Fucked up vocals too but they sound like they could be an instrument so that’s okay. Nice change. This track is promising. Yeah, this sounds like what I imagined they’d sound like now. Yeah, when it breaks it’s good, he’s lost his crappy drum kit and gone for a electro kit that sounds 10,000% better and the peak is wonderful at last. Short too, so you want it to happen again. It doesn’t just build to the crescendo and then stay there for the rest of the song like before. Well at least that makes two tracks worth listening to. This and Weak4 are brilliant. The end is spectacular.

Heck another song which starts with a minute of held chords? That makes Dance Dance Dance, Come To Me, Go Complex and now this. And on Go Complex it sounded cool cos it was a cunting dirty synth. On all the others it’s been a wishy-washy string section. 1min 20 seconds and we’re still in string chord land. Come on 65days this isn’t a film score… oh man, wait, when the electro arpeggiator comes in on 1 minute 39 seconds it sounds like a Eurovision track. You know the ones which have the string section at the beginning before turning into a house anthem that’s abysmal? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are in that territory. Actually the song – like so many on this album – just gets stuck and repeats itself. They should change their name to 65daysofrepeats or maybe just ITV2. Oh some choral vocals. You know this would sound so much better if you were a post-rock band and didn’t feel the need to have such manic drums? The juxtaposition doesn’t work. You lose, good day sir.

Tiger Girl
10 minutes long! This better be good. It better not be a another building song where you just loop a beat, speed it up and play more melodies over the top. Because that would really, really fuck me off.

Oh go and die. Go and write some songs instead of just this unflattering jam session that you’ve accidentally released as an album. I fucking hate this song and how bad it is shits on all the other tracks worse than I have already. It’s like this song is the final version of an idea they had and all the other tracks on the album are sketches of the same idea. Except the final version is actually a picture of a turd painted in shit. This has all been done so many times better by every post-rock band and 65days you just sound like you’re tearing yourselves apart. Some of you just want to be a post-rock band and some of you want to be crazy glitch and you’re not working. Maybe that’s why the album is called We Were Exploding Anyway? Because you have fallen apart.

Whilst not as bad as the Radio Protector remix album (also known as The Destruction of Small Ideas), this is another blow to the potential and hope I had for this band. Now we need to look to Three Trapped Tigers and bands who are trying to do something fresh. 65daysofstatic are over.

Score: 2/10


3 Responses to “65daysofstatic – We Were Exploding Anyway”

  1. Mia May 2, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    hahaha, that was BAD.

  2. zerotolerance June 10, 2010 at 12:51 am #

    oh well. what dya expect from someone who listens to Gaga?

    • ghostsmut June 12, 2010 at 10:40 am #

      Why yes, I listen to all pop music. 65daysofcrapic are a $ellout pop band pretending to have integrity. Gaga is a total pop $ellout act but at least she admits it. Gaga wins. 65days used to be astonishing but now they’re just an emo band with a weak sound. Bad Romance has twice the ideas than anything on the new 65 days album. Not take your fanboy attitude and go rape yourself in the sphincter.

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